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~~"Emily!" The Dispatcher called.~~

~~"Hank! George!" Harrison, George and Hank's father called from another end of the harbor.~~

~~Hank, George and Emily sailed off leaving Theodore by himself with Foduck. Hank sailed across the harbor after George to his father, Harrison, and his grandma, Lina, who were stood next to the grave of his mother, Anna.~~

~~"Come, mijo." Harrison said once George reached him and Hank approached. "Your mother would be so proud of you." said Harrison to his son.~~

~~"You think she'll come back tonight?" Hank asked his father hopefully.~~

~~"Anna is here." said Lina to her youngest grandson.~~

~~"But it's more like... like a warm feeling you get when loved ones are with you. All of these families have lost someone. But as long as we remember them... We can feel their presence with us for one night each year." Said Harrison in a calming voice.~~

~~"I just thought I might see her one more time." Said Hank in his sad voice.~~

~~He could almost remember the tune of a lullaby his mother used to sing to help him sleep.~~

~~"She always smelled like flowers. I remember her singing." Hank said remembering his mother.~~

~~"She was a good tug, that one." said Lina comforting her youngest grandson.~~

~~"I miss her so much." said Hank still sad.~~

~~"Just be still, and you can feel it. Your mother is here, along with all our ancestors. As long as we remember them, they are with us. The moment we forget them, they are truly gone." Said Harrison sailing up to his youngest son.~~

~~Hank and George did so and sure enough, their father was right. All around them, Anna and their other ancestors began to appear one at a time. Anna even gave her two sons a gentle nudge.~~

~~"I can feel them." said Hank with a litte smile in his voice.~~