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~~"Follow me, young boats.” She said with a smile in her voice.~~

~~The group of boats began to follow Susie into the harbor.~~

~~"Um, the entrance of the harbor is straight ahead." said another one of the boats who's name was Sarah.~~

~~"Yes, it is. But you aren't like the other boats. Oh, no, no, no. You need to see something very special." Susie replied.~~

~~The boats all went over to where Susie was.~~

~~"Right through this cave." She said, pointing a nearby cliff.~~

~~But as the boats looked, there was nothing there. "You're seeing things." Another boat Shanna said.~~

~~"Am I or are you not seeing things?" Susie said backing behind a wall to show them what she meant.~~

~~"Come on.” She said to the boats as she went further in and they followed.~~

~~“Now today is November 2. Does anyone here know why that date is so important?” Susie asked as they carried on.~~

~~”Taco Tuesday.” Sammy guessed.~~

~~”No.” Susie said kindly to Sammy.~~

~~”Gore yourself with Halloween candy day?” Shanna said thinking of an answer.~~

~~”Nope. Today, is the day of the dead.” Susie said to the young boats.~~

~~"Wait, isn't that national zombie day or something?" Lukus asked.~~

~~The young boats laughed.~~

~~Suddenly, a big scruffy looking tug jumped out.~~

~~”You can’t go through here." He said before looking at Susie. "You’ll get in trouble here. Ancient rules of the... cave.” But then, Susie stroked David’s bow with her rope to make him stop.~~

~~"Well, I suppose I could turn a blind eye just this once, my... dear." He said and he let them pass.~~

~~"Behold, young boats. The glorious beauty of Mexico!" Susie said showing them the room full of Mexican items.~~

~~The boats looked around at the amazing items around them.~~

~~"This place is loco." Shanna said in awe as she sailed ahead.~~

~~"So many skulls." Sarah said as she looked at all the skulls on the wall.~~

~~"At least that part's not lame." Lukus remarked.~~

~~Sammy made his way to a dock which had a big book beneath a golden tree painted on the wall of the cave with pictures all around it.~~

~~"What is this book?" Sammy asked Susie.~~

~~"That is the Book of Life. All the world is made of stories... and all of those stories are right here." Susie said as she used her tow rope to open the big book. "This book holds many truths. Some are actually true."~~

~~"The Battle of Cinco De Mayo?" Sammy said in confusion.~~

~~"Mayo! I love Mayo." Lukus said, causing his friends to laugh.~~

~~"And some, not so much." Susie continued on.~~