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"Truro's Big Problem" is a story written by Loco123456.



"Hello there! I'm just packing my things that I need. I'm going to Spain to meet with the harbor masters there and see if their ships and our tugboats can work together." He then sits down. "The only thing is, I don't know how to get from the Airport to the Hotel. Maybe Truro could explain how to go about this situation."


Truro was fishing near Minnesota, in the United States when his engine stopped working. "HEELP! Fishing Trawler on the loose!" As the Coast Guard and a tugboat were on their way, Truro ran right into some rocks on the shore. "I'm going to sink," he said frantically. By early morning he was rescued and taken half the way back to the Big Harbour. Hank, with the supervision of Pearl, took him the rest of the way. "Now you can actually have a proper visit," said Hank cheerfully. "I can't wait to see the many things the Big Harbour has," said Truro, still a little shaky.

At the Repair Dock he was lifted onto a dry dock to have his hull and engine repaired. "Hello there, nice to finally meet you. Theodore's told me a lot about you." "Who said that?" "Over here, on the shore with the other buildings." Truro's eyes grew wide in wonder; there was a building talking to him! "I'm Shediac, the Supply Shed. I make sure everyone has their parts, tugboat or ship. Your engine had to be picked up from a factory elsewhere, but our supply ship Sigrid will be back in a few days' time." "Great, now I can meet many other boats," groaned Truro.

Shediac and Truro talked the day away; they learned a lot about each other. But Shediac could tell that Truro was upset about something. "Are you homesick?" "Of course not! I'm just worried about meeting everyone." "That's a big problem. Why didn't you tell me beforehand?" "I just thought it wasn't too important." "A problem as big as that can't be ignored," said Shediac kindly. As the days passed by Truro made sure to deal with his problem; he said hello to any boat passing by, which made him feel a little better. Soon Sigrid delivered his new engine, but before he left he made arrangements with Ms. Jones, the Fish Plant Dispatcher at the Big Harbour Fish Plant that he could work with them too.

HARBOUR MASTER: CLOSING SCENE: "You know, since my problem is big, I won't treat it like a small one. I'll just ask for directions when I arrive. Thanks for visintg us! We'll see you all again really soon!" He walks over to the door with his suitcase and rings his bell, and stops; "I wonder, will anyone there be able to understand me?" He shugs and leaves the office.