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  • Type: Fishing Trawler
  • Country: Cuba
  • Language: Spanish

Truro is a small Hispanic fishing trawler from Cuba who lives and cares for Dorothy in Ceilidh's Cove. Truro is kind, friendly and always willing to provide advice, guidance and help to the other boats whenever he feels they require it. He keeps a particularly watchful eye over Dorothy Dory, as the young dory tries to find her way around, while muddling through her mistakes and mishaps.


Truro was once towed in to the harbour while fishing when George who wanted to be a navy ship thought that Truro was dumping garbage into the water when it was really only his fishing net.


  • Truro's model was sold on ebay.
  • Truro's cab was once used for The Mysterious Grain Ship in season 1, then his model was used for Gregor in Emily the Vigorous.
  • Truro is named after a city in England.
  • Truro gets his name from the town of Truro, Nova Scotia, which is known as the Hub of Nova Scotia for its central location and historical importance to the province's railroad network.