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  • Boat Type: Tugboat
  • V-word: None at the moment.
  • Color: Yellow and Black
  • Built: 1950
  • Love Interest: Emily Relatives: George (possible Brother-in-Law)
  • Enemies: Oliver the Vast

Theodore is the main character of the series. He is one of the smaller tugs and wears a red baseball cap. He is a harbor tug, along with his best friend Hank.

Job Edit

He is one of the two Harbor Tugs along with Hank.

Bio Edit

He is a kind Tug who will help any Tug in need. His goal is to be an Ocean Tug and to travel to other harbors. But before that he must master the job of a Harbor Tug. He and friends get into trouble but always end on a good day (or night). He is friends with Owan and Tex the oil rig, after Theodore and the Oil Rig. He is also friends with Shelburne, Bobby and about every barge. Once Carla got him in trouble by towing Bonavista into a small cove. And it is hinted that Theodore has a crush on Emily.

Relationships Edit

Emily: It has been heavily implied through out the show and by the thought of many fans that Theodore and Emily might become a couple. One example of this is in the Episode "Best Friends" when Theodore first tells Emily that she is his best friend making her smile greatly. And at the episode "Emily's Bruised Bumper" when Theodore told her that she can still be his friend and that Emily very happy.


  • Theodore Too's base model was sold on ebay.
  • Theodore's second model is currently on display at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic.
  • Theodore himself was sold on eBay. He now works for gay cruise lines.
  • Theodore's personality seems to be the exact opposite of Thomas' personality from Thomas and Friends.
  • The font used for Theodore's name in the books by Michelle Mulder is Comic Sans MS.


  • ERTL models (retired)
  • Brio (retired)
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