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One day, George was floating along with Stormfur, his new best friend, on his deck. They were telling each other funny jokes. Then, George spotted Theodore. "Why don't we practice bumping with Theodore?" he suggested to Stormfur. "Um... I don't think that's a good idea," replied Stormfur, but George was already vrooming toward Theodore. Theodore smiled when he saw George and Stormfur coming toward him. "Hi, George. Hi, Stormfur," he said happily. "Hi, Theodore," replied George. "Hi, Theodore," added Stormfur. "Do you want to practice bumping with us, Theodore?" asked George. "Sure," replied Theodore. He went first, and bumped George. "Oof!" grunted George, but then he smiled and added, "That was great, Theodore! Now it's my turn." He roared up to Theodore to bump him. As he did, there was trouble. George roared so fast that he made Stormfur fall off his deck! "WHOA!" screamed Stormfur as he fell into the water. "STORMFUR!" called George in alarm, and roared to where his new best friend had fallen. There was no sign of Stormfur. George called, "Stormfur! Where are you?!" There was no answer. George called again, "Stormfur! Where are you?!" There was still no answer. George lowered his anchor to see if he could hook Stormfur. He then felt something on his anchor. It must be Stormfur, he thought. He raised his anchor to see if it was Stormfur that he'd felt on his anchor. When his anchor appeared, he saw Stormfur on the end. His eyes were closed. "S-Storm?" asked George, sounding a little scared. Stormfur didn't reply. "Stormfur! Please answer me!" called George, starting to sound very upset. Still, Stormfur didn't reply. Then, George knew why Stormfur wasn't answering: Stormfur was gone. "Stormfur! No! Please don't leave me!" he cried, very upset now. Theodore knew why George was upset. "He was your best friend, wasn't he?" he asked George. George didn't answer. He just floated home with Stormfur's body. "I caused Stormfur to drown when I quickly roared up to Theodore to bump him," he said to himself quietly. For the first time ever, a big, wet tear formed at the corner of his eye. "Storm...I'm so sorry, pal," he said sadly. The tear then slid down his face, and fell onto Stormfur's heart. Stormfur opened his eyes, and smiled at George. "I forgive you, George," he said. George saw Stormfur was alive. "Stormfur, you're alive!" he said happily. Stormfur hugged him, then the two best friends headed back to Theodore to practice bumping again. The three friends loved having fun together, and they played until it was time to go back to the Great Ocean Dock.

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