Theodore Tugboat Fanon Wiki

  • Boat Type: Pilot Boat
  • Color: Grey

Pearl is one of the Big Harbor's two pilot boats (the other being Petra) who patrol the harbour and sometimes help the tugs with moving ships to their docks. They both used to have a problem with not listening to the tugboats, which caused a lot of confusion.


Pearl was the first pilot boat to come to the the harbour. She expects a little too much from the tugs and can be very strict with them. She used to be taken as mean and boring, until she played a fun game with Theodore.

Both Pearl and Petra are hard working and work together with the tugs to keep the harbour running properly. She can be very proud and stubborn at times, but can move great loads in nimble timing, which what makes her special. And more importantly, she's a great friend of the tugboats in the Big Harbour.


Pearl can be describe as being precise, sharp, and never misses an opportunity to use her whistle. She's like the early teen-age, older sister who finds herself having to baby-sit.