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Fanon Owen
  • Type: Oil Rig

Owan is an oil rig.

Owan the Oil Rig

Owan is a loudmouth, boisterous, Barney Fife-type, oil rig that works outside the Big Harbour. He has eight big pillars and is hooked onto giant anchor cables. He's full of free expression and always yells instead of talking. The tugs usually have to remind him to be a little more quiet. The funny thing is, Owan never knows when he's too loud. He loves to use catchphrases such as "Yessireebob!", "Nosirreebob!" and "Oh my star fish and little oysters!" Owan is good friends with the tugs, especially Theodore. Whenever the tugs are depressed or struggling with an issue, they always hide under Owan. They call it their "favorite thinking place." He is also good friends with Sigrid the Supply Ship, who brings him whatever he needs while he's out on the ocean. Owan is always happy and cheerful (except for when Oliver came to take him to work) and sometimes careless (like when he broke free from his cables and nearly hit a cliff). Everyone in the Big Harbour loves Owan, because he can put a smile on their face any time they need some comfort.


Owan is a loud and noisy oil rig, he also can't really keep a secret.


There have been rumors that this is the same model of Tex, but with pieces moved around. This is actually false, because they would be wasting more money, than buying a new one.



  • ERTL models (retired)
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