"Hank The Lost Tugboat" is a story written by Greg Wetzel.


Hank was working hard with Bonavista barge. They were replacing old bumpers. Foduck had already removed the old bumpers so the new ones could be put on quickly. As Hank was doing this, close by was Clayton the Container Harbour Crane. He was staring out into the distance, watching George, Emily, and Foduck approaching with a big container ship. "Wow! Look at all those containers," said Hank in surprise. The three "V" tugs brought the container ship to a gentle stop at Clayton's dock. Clayton then began his work. "What's the load you've brought for us today," he asked. "Meat, fresh produce, and other food-related things for the city." "I see. It's a shame we don't have proper warehouses for these sort of cargo. I wish we were had one specifically for food and other perishable items." "Then you're in luck," said Foduck proudly. "Preparations are being made to demolish the Disused Docks and build warehouses and docks for loading and unloading perishable items." By now Bonavista had finished placing the new bumpers onto the dock close by, and Hank slowly began to leave for the next dock. He later spotted Foduck on his safety patrol. "What did you think of how securely those new bumpers were placed," he asked excitedly. "Oh, it was done nicely Hank. Good job." And Foduck went on his way. Hank was a little disappointed. "I thought he would praise me. He usually does when the other tugs do a great job dealing with safety work." But Hank couldn't be upset for long; he and Theodore were to bring in a ship. He hurried on his way to Blandford Buoy.

What made things more exciting was that Hank was the tug in charge. "Prepare to turn," honked Hank on his horn. Theodore answered with one honk of his horn. "Turning." They moved around Willy's Island with no trouble at all. When they reached the ship's dock, Hank was very proud of himself. He usually was a tug in charge when he pulled ships by himself, but never when working with the others until now. "How did I do guiding us into the Harbour," he asked Theodore and Pearl. "You did fine," said Pearl. "Very great work when going round Willy's Island," said Theodore cheerfully. "You're getting very good at turning when pulling ships." Hank could forget Pearl's response. Theodore's was more cheerful and encouraging.

At "Story Telling Time" Hank told the others about his day's work. He was very proud of himself. The others were interested, but then George, a little bored, interrupted. "Sigrid, Rebecca, Bobby, Northumberland and myself brought up some more artifacts near 'Shipwreck Rock.'"

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