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George and Theodore have fun bumping each other, but George goes toward Theodore too fast, and he accidentally causes Stormfur to fall into the water and drown. When George realizes what he's done, he feels so bad, he cries for the first time, but then Stormfur comes back to life, and forgives George for what happened.


Narrator: One fine morning, George was floating along with Stormfur, his new best friend, on his deck. They were telling each other funny jokes.

Stormfur: Hey, George, how does a boat pull a ship into the Big Harbor?

George: I don't know, Storm. How?

Stormfur: By tugging!

George: (Laughs) Good one, Storm!

Stormfur: (Laughs) I'm glad you liked it, George.

George: (Sees Theodore) Hey, let's do bumping with Theodore.

Stormfur: (Hesitantly) Um...okay...

Narrator: So, George and Stormfur went toward Theodore.

Theodore: Hi, George. Hi, Stormfur.

Stormfur: Hi, Theodore.

George: Hi, Theodore. Do you want to do bumping with us?

Theodore: Okay. (Bumps George first)

George: (Grunts) Oof! Now it's my turn. (Heads toward Theodore too quickly)

Stormfur: (Screams) WHOA! (Falls into the water with a splash)

George: (Gasps) Stormfur!

Narrator: George hurried to where Stormfur had fallen into the water, and looked for his best friend.

George: Stormfur! Storm! Where are you?

Narrator: Theodore went alongside George to see if he could find Stormfur.

Theodore: (Gets an idea) George, see if you can hook him with your anchor.

George: Good idea, Theodore. (Lowers his anchor, and hits something) I got something!

Theodore: Great! Let's see if it's Stormfur.

George: Right. (Pulls up his anchor)

Narrator: Sure enough, it was Stormfur, but he wasn't moving.

George: (Scared) S-Stormfur? Can you hear me? Storm?

Stormfur: (Is still as a stone)

George: (Gets upset) Stormfur! Storm, please wake up!

Narrator: But when Stormfur didn't wake up, George realized that Stormfur was dead.

George: Stormfur! No! Don't leave me!

Theodore: (Looks at George) I'm so sorry for your loss of your best friend, George.

Narrator: George didn't answer. He floated sadly away with Stormfur's body on his deck.

George: Stormfur's dead because of me. It's all my fault.

Narrator: For the first time ever, a big, wet tear formed in the corner of George's eye.

George: (As the tear falls) Storm...I'm so sorry.

Narrator: George felt so bad about what he had done to Stormfur, he didn't realize that his tear had fallen onto his best friend's face.

Stormfur: (Opens his eyes slowly) George...?

George: (Sees Stormfur alive and gasps) Storm! You're alive!

Narrator: Stormfur got up and hugged George.

George: (Tearfully) I feel so bad about causing you to fall into the water, Storm. I'm so sorry.

Stormfur: (Still hugging George) It's okay, George. You didn't mean it.

George: (Smiles through his tears) Thanks, Storm.

Narrator: So, the two best friends went back to Theodore to continue doing bumping, and you know what? George remembered not to go too fast. Then, the two tugs and one Teletubby went back to the Great Ocean Dock to share stories.