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Stormfur wants to have a friendship day with George, but wonders what to get his new best friend. Hank, Foduck and Emily suggest gift ideas, but Stormfur declines each idea. Theodore mentions George's V-word, and that gives Stormfur an idea of what to get George for their friendship day, and Stormfur thanks Theodore for the idea. When their friendship day arrives, Stormfur is in front of the Dispatcher, and reveals his friendship day gift to George: Stormfur has become Stormfur the Valiant. George is happy with his friendship day gift, and gives Stormfur his friendship day gift: a brand-new puppy whom Stormfur names George Jr.


Narrator: It was a lovely day in the Big Harbor, and Stormfur was talking to the other tugs about him and George.

Stormfur: Hey, guys, I'm going to have a friendship day with George tomorrow, but I don't know what to get him for a friendship day gift.

Hank: How about a new hat?

Stormfur: No. I like the hat George already has.

Foduck: Some new bumpers?

Stormfur: No. George doesn't need new bumpers.

Emily: How about a new whistle?

Stormfur: No. I like the whistle George already has.

Theodore: Well, I think you've been so valiant, Stormfur, trying to fit in even though you're a Teletubby.

Stormfur: Valiant...valiant...(gasps as he gets an idea) That's it! I know what to give George for our friendship day! (Smiles widely at Theodore) Thanks, Theodore! (Swims over to the Dispatcher)

Foduck: Wow, Theodore. How did you give Stormfur an idea of what to give George for their friendship day?

Theodore: All I did was mention George's V-word, and that's what gave him an idea.

Narrator: The next day, which was Stormfur and George's friendship day, Stormfur was in front of the Dispatcher with a cloth covering him. George came up to him.

George: Happy friendship day, Storm! I can call you Storm, right?

Stormfur: Happy friendship day, George! Of course you can call me Storm. By the way, in case you're wondering, a cloth is covering me because I've got something special for you.

George: Really? What is it?

Stormfur: I'll show you! (the cover comes off to reveal his new V-word)

George: (Gasps in surprise) Is V-word on you?

Stormfur: That's right. I have become...Stormfur the Valiant!

George: Storm...I love my gift! Thanks!

Stormfur: You're welcome, George. I'm glad you love it. (Jumps onto George's deck and hugs him)

George: Now I've got something special for you, Storm.

Stormfur: Ooh. What is it, George?

George: Close your eyes.

Stormfur: Okay... (is a little confused, but closes his eyes anyway)

George: (Chugs to where his gift for Stormfur is) Keep your eyes closed.

Stormfur: (Giggles) Okay.

George: (After his gift for Stormfur is carefully loaded onto his deck) Ready?

Stormfur: Ready.

George: Open your eyes.

Stormfur: (Opens his eyes and gasps) that...a puppy?!

George: It sure is, Storm. It's a beagle, and a boy.

Stormfur: George...thank you! I love him! (Hugs George again)

George: You're welcome, Storm. I'm glad you love your gift.

Narrator: So, Stormfur and George spent the rest of their friendship day together, and Stormfur had an idea of what to name his new puppy.

Stormfur: I will name my puppy George, Jr., after you, George.

George: Oh, Storm! I'm honored to have a namesake. (George, Jr. yips happily)