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George meets a dark blue Teletubby named Stormfur, and they learn about each other. George helps Stormfur learn about the Big Harbor, too. Stormfur then meets George's friends, and he learns about each one of them, and they learn about Stormfur.


Narrator: One evening, George was returning to his dock after a long day of pulling ships with Theodore.

George: (yawns) I'm tired after pulling ships with Theodore.

Voice: (snoring)

George: (hears the snoring) Wait a minute. I'm not at my dock yet, so where is that noise coming from?

Voice: (snoring continues)

George: (looks up at Benjamin Bridge, who is asleep) It's not Benjamin, though he is asleep.

Voice: (snoring continues)

George: (looks down at his deck, and softly gasps) Someone's on my deck!

Voice: (snoring continues)

George: (Notices an antenna and a TV screen) It's a Teletubby!

Teletubby: (snoring continues)

George: He must be lost.

Teletubby: (wakes up, looks around and gasps in alarm) W-Where am I?

George: (kindly) Hey, are you lost?

Teletubby: (looks up at George, and sees a kind look in his eyes, to himself) Someone knows I'm lost. (To George) Yes. I don't know where I am.

George: You're in the Big Harbor.

Teletubby: The Big Harbor? What's that?

George: Well, it's a major port with an oil refinery, container terminal, Oceanic Institute, Coast Guard, Repair Dock, Junk Dock, Ferry Terminal, and the Naval Dock.

Teletubby: Wow!

George: Oh! I almost forgot to introduce myself! I'm George the Valiant, but you can call me George.

Teletubby: Nice to meet you, George. I'm Stormfur Teletubby, but you can call me Stormfur.

George: Nice to meet you, Stormfur.

Stormfur: So, tell me about yourself.

George: Well, I'm an ocean tug, which means I go out into the ocean sometimes.

Stormfur: Wow.

George: Now, you tell me about yourself.

Stormfur: Well, I'm a Teletubby, as you can tell by my antenna and TV screen, and I'm dark blue in color.

George: Nice.

Stormfur: Do you have friends?

George: Yeah. Do you want to meet them?

Stormfur: Heck yeah!

Narrator: So, the two new friends went to the Great Ocean Dock, where Theodore, Hank, Foduck and Emily were waiting.

Foduck: (notices Stormfur) Who's your friend, George?

George: (to the other tugs) Everyone, this is my new friend, Stormfur. (To Stormfur) Stormfur, these are my friends, Theodore...

Theodore: Hi, Stormfur.

Stormfur: Hi, Theodore.

George: Hank...

Hank: (Shouts) Hi, Stormfur!

Stormfur: Hi, Hank.

George: Foduck the Vigilant, but we just call him Foduck…

Foduck: Hi, Stormfur.

Stormfur: Hi, Foduck.

George: and Emily the Vigorous, but we just call her Emily.

Emily: Hi, Stormfur.

Stormfur: Hi, Emily.

George: Do you want to stay here with us, Stormfur?

Stormfur: Yeah, sure. By the way, do you think they can tell me about themselves?

George: I'm sure they'd love to tell you about themselves.

Stormfur: Great! (Turns to the other tugs) So, tell me about yourselves. (Turns to Theodore) Let's start with you, Theodore.

Theodore: Well, I'm a harbor tug, which means I can't go out into the ocean yet, but one day I'll become an ocean tug.

Stormfur: Nice. (Turns to Hank) What about you, Hank?

Hank: I'm a harbor tug, too, just like Theodore, so I can't go out into the ocean yet, either.

Stormfur: Okay. (Turns to Emily) Emily?

Emily: Like George, I'm an ocean tug, so I can go out into the ocean.

Stormfur: Interesting. (Turns to Foduck) Your turn, Foduck.

Foduck: Well, I'm the official harbor safety tug, although like Emily and George, I can go out into the ocean.

Stormfur: Cool.

Theodore: Tell us about yourself now, Stormfur.

Stormfur: Okay. I'm a Teletubby, as you can tell by my antenna and TV screen, and I'm dark blue in color.

Foduck: Fascinating. Do you show videos on your TV screen?

Stormfur: Yep. When my antenna lights up, that helps get my TV screen going.

Hank: Wow.

Narrator: So, Stormfur made new friends in the tugs, and they made a new friend in him. They then told stories until it was time to go to sleep.