• Type: Ocean Tug
  • V-word: Valiant
  • Siblings: Emily (sister)

George is the strongest and biggest tugboat in the Big Harbor. He wears a purple baseball cap on his head backwards.


George the Valiant loves to show off and can sometimes be a little rude without knowing it. He's somewhat stubborn and always struggles to ever admit that he is sometimes wrong. He especially loves to tell stories to the other tugs, mostly about himself. He also loves to blow up a lot of smoke from his smokestack and make a lot of loud noises with his powerful twin engines. But most of all, George is a hard worker, and never finishes a job until it's done and always stands up for his friends. George and Emily get into fights, but in the end they always make up.

He once wanted to be called Goliath and then Gargantua in Hank's New Name. He also got his nickname "Georgie" from his new friend Shamus the sea trawler. He also seems to like giving orders, but gives too many as he discovers when he,Theodore, and Foduck try to rise a underwater mystery,he soon learns a good leader knows when to follow. In "Theodore and the Borrowed Bell" it is revealed that he like the stuff Northumberland finds under the water.


  • George's model is currently on display at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic.
  • George's personality seems to match James personality from Thomas and Friends.
  • His face models were sold on ebay.
  • George was named after Halifax native and series creator Andrew Cochran's son's favourite teddy bears. His son was four years old at the time one day some months later, while looking at the real tugboats in the harbour with his father.
  • George's horn sounds in order will result a broken C6 chord with no E.


  • ERTL models (retired)
  • Brio (retired)
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