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Emily Goes to Russia is the 3rd episode of season 6.

Plot: Emily goes on a trip to Russia to bring back a giant container ship named Gerainium. Theodore misses Emily so much he was thinking that Emily will never come back to The Big Harbour. Foduck explains that he is Canadian,German,American and Russian. Theodore is amazed! Thomas explains to Theodore that Emily is bringing Gerainium into the Harbour not going to live there. When Emily came back Theodore is very excited and meets Gerainium. They talk for few hours and hang around together, Emily wants Theodore to understands she will always be with him and share their wonderful lives together.



  • Stock footage from Theodore Buttons on is used.
  • Cameos by Rebecca, Sigrid, The Dispatcher, and Benjamin Bridge.
  • This is the first time Emily goes on a trip.


Narrator: It was a clear spring morning in the Big Harbor. Theodore and Emily were watching the Sunrise together. It was a nice moment.

Theodore: Isn't that sun is beautiful when it shines, Emily?

Emily: Yes Theodore. Sunrise always beautiful it comes in the morning.

Theodore: I wish we can look at this sun forever.

Emily: We will.

(they still look at the sunrise)

Emily: Theodore?

Theodore: Yes Emily?

Emily: I had something to tell you.

Theodore: What?

Emily: I just want to say I love you and we're always be together. One day when you get you V-word you and I will share our life together and travel the world together.

Theodore (softly): Emily. You and I will always be special friend and stay close forever.

Emily: Oh Theodore.

(Theodore gently move closer to Emily and watch the sun go up)

Narrator: Theodore and Emily got here just in time when the morning work begin.

Dispatcher: Good morning tugboats, I have three jobs for you. Theodore, Hank, and Foduck you bring cargo ship to his dock. George you collect Bobby to pick up some barrels.

(all tugs their whistles except Emily)

(and set off to work)

Dispatcher: Emily oh yes. Emily I'm sending you to Russia to bring a container ship, the ship's name is Gerainium.

Emily: Wow! I always wanted to go to Russia.

Dispatcher: Tomorrow you leave you when the sun is rise. Right now you go off to do what you want, that is all.

Emily: Thank you sir.

(she set to enjoy herself)

(than she stop)

Emily: Theodore. He'll be sad if he finds out, I must tell him when the sun goes down. I had a long journey tomorrow so I might get long sleep so I can leave in the morning. I had to tell him than he won't be crush.

(after the day is ended, the sun became setting Emily is waiting for Theodore)

(than Theodore arrived)

Theodore: Sorry I was late Emily. I was talking to George and Hank.

Emily: That's right. Let's look when the sunsets than we go home.

Theodore: Okay.

(they watch the sunset together)

Emily: Theodore?

Theodore: Yes?

Emily: I had something to tell you.

Theodore: What is it, Emily?

Emily (deeps breath): Theodore, I'm going to had busy trip tomorrow. We won't do things together tomorrow because because ... I'm going to leave the Harbour tomorrow.

Theodore: What?

Emily: I'm going to Russia that's far away. I had business trip from Russia and I'm leaving tomorrow morning when you wake up.

Theodore: But but Emily. If you go out of the ocean . . . . I'll miss you.

Emily: I will miss you too. But that's my job, so I had to get a long nap before I leave in the morning.

Narrator: Theodore felt very terrible he wishes to go out the ocean, he's a harbour tug so he won't go out the open ocean he dream of. And now Emily is leaving tomorrow to go to Russia to bring a ship.

Theodore: Emily, I was worried you won't be able to come home again. (sound sadly) I I I just want us to be together and share our life forever. But I want you, I need you Emily because I love you with my heart. I need you, I love you forever and ever. (than he felt a tear in his eyes)

(he turn away to Emily instead float away)

(Emily knew Theodore is sad, she had to cheer him up cause she loves him)

(than she went closer to Theodore)

Emily: Theodore? Please don't be sad.

(Theodore didn't answer he still too sad his tears fall his eyes)

Emily: Theodore, look at me.

(Theodore turn to Emily and look at her)

(than Emily kiss Theodore on the lips)

(and broke off, Theodore was surprise than Emily kiss Theodore on the lips again to hold him steady)

(she continue kissing than Theodore kiss her back)

(they move behind Willy's Island to continue kissing so no one will see them)

(Theodore felt Emily's tongue touching and blush his lips)

(Theodore never felt it before so he gently use his tongue to touch and blush her lips)

(they breathe and breathe harder and kiss more, their tongues connected and dancing around their mouths)

(than they broke off kissing and moan)

Theodore (panting): Emily, I love you.

Emily (pants): I love you too, Theodore. Forever more.

(than they kiss and share their breaths and hold on tight together)

(They felt their heat and warm inside as they continue kissing)

(Theodore and Emily breathe harder and harder and harder and kiss more)

(Theodore and Emily kiss one more time and catch their breath)

(when they got tired they went back home to the dock)

(at night Theodore can't sleep and still sad that Emily is leaving tomorrow morning but he smiled a little when he and Emily kiss each other)

(just than Emily came)

Emily (whispers): Theodore?

Theodore: Oh Emily. Its you.

Emily: Yes its me.

Theodore: What is it?

Emily: Theodore, I want to sleep you so I can help you feel better.

Theodore: Okay.

(Emily went closer to Theodore and snug gently with him) 

Theodore: Emily. When will you be back home?

Emily: I'm not sure. But I'll be back as soon as I can.

Theodore: Emily. Thank you for cared about me a lot because I need you and I love you.

Emily: I love you too, Theodore. I'm glad you're my friend too, my very special friend.

(than Theodore falls asleep)

Emily (softer): Good night Theodore. (she kiss him on the lips gently and went to sleep)

(than morning came Emily is about to leave the Harbour, Theodore still felt very sad went over to say goodbye)

Theodore: I'm gonna miss you, Emily. Please be careful out there.

Emily: I will, Theodore. I'm gonna miss you too but I'll be back, don't worry.

Theodore: When you get back can we do things together that we did before.

Emily: Sure Theodore, we're do things together when I get back. I promised.

Theodore: I'm still feel sad for you Emmy.

(Emily came close to Theodore and give him a kiss on the lips)

(than Theodore kiss her back gently)

(than they kiss and kiss on their lips more and gently stop)

(Emily kiss Theodore on the cheek)

Emily: I love you Theodore. I had to go now, I had a long journey to get to Russia.

Theodore: Goodbye Emily. I love you with all my heart.

Emily: Goodbye Theodore. I love you with all my heart too a lot more. Bye

(than Emily says goodbye to Theodore and toot her whistle than begin to leave the Harbour)

(Theodore watch Emily leave and feels a little sad)

(this afternoon Theodore went under Benjamin Bridge next to Rebecca's dock float sadly went to the beach himself)

Theodore (sighs): I miss Emily already. I hope she's all right out there in Russia.

(than Theodore begin to float home)

Narrator: The next day, Theodore is floating alone around Willy's Island. Theodore is still feel sad and miss Emily so much.

(Sigrid past by toot to Theodore hello)

(Theodore toot hello back and Sigrid left to bring supplies to Owan)

Theodore: I wish Emily was home right now. What if Emily is not coming back home again. Than I will be very sad miss her very much.

(than Foduck came float to Theodore, he felt sorry for Theodore)

Foduck: Hey Theodore. You still feel sad that Emily left.

Theodore: Yes. I'm worried Foduck, what she's not coming home again? What she decided to stay at Russia? Than I will be sad and heart broken and never see my friend.

Foduck: Don't be sad, Theodore. Emily will never stay at Russia, she'll be back soon. You know Theodore I want to you that I'm tugboat Canadian, German, American, and Russian.

Theodore (gasps): Really?

Foduck: Yes.

Theodore: Wow! I never knew that. How amazing.

(than the next day, Theodore is floating at Sandy Beach to look for treasure)

Theodore: Hmm, looking at treasure at the beach reminds me when Emily and I look at things together. (sadly sighs) I wish she comes home be with me.

Voice: What are you sad about?

Narrator: Than Thomas the blue tank engine came by.

Theodore: Oh hi Thomas.

Thomas: What's a matter Theodore? You look sad.

Theodore: I am Thomas. I'm sad because Emily is going on the trip to Russia. I really miss her, what she's not coming back and decide to stay and live at Russia forever.

Thomas: Emily would never do that. She didn't want to go to live in Russia. She just went to Russia to pick up a ship that's her business trip.

Theodore: I understand alittle. But I still miss Emily so much. But I'm glad you came for a visit, Thomas. That makes me feel better.

Thomas: I'm glad Theodore.

Narrator: The next day, Theodore is playing Hide and Seek with Hank, George, Foduck, and Sigrid. And Theodore is it to find the others.

Theodore: Now where can they be? Hmm?

(voice laughing)

Theodore: Huh? Hmm.

(Theodore quietly move and found Hank at the cove)

Theodore: Got ya Hank.

Hank: No fair. You got me.

Theodore: Come on, let's go find the others.

(they found George and Sigrid hiding in the beach)

(and they found Foduck behind a big ship)

Hank: Found ya!

Foduck: Okay I'm it. You go hide while I count.

(the others went to hide while Foduck is counting 1 through 20)

(by sunset, everything went home their docks)

Theodore: I had a wonderful time today. Even I miss Emily but I still have a lot of fun today instead of being sad. Thomas is right, she'll be back soon she just went to pick up a ship not living there. I think I'm not sad no more I'm just happy and have fun.

Narrator: The next day, Theodore race around the Harbour smiling. He race around the cove, at the beach, under Benjamin Bridge, and around Willy's Island.

Theodore: This is best day ever. What a sunshine day.

Voice: Is sure is Theodore.

Narrator: Than Theodore turn around . . . . it was Emily. She just got back picking up a ship from Russia.

Theodore (toot his whistle): Emily!

Emily: Theodore!

(Theodore came towards Emily and snug gently against her like a tug hug)

Theodore: Oh Emily. I miss you so much!

Emily: I miss you too, Theodore.

Theodore: How was your big trip at Russia?

Emily: It was great I had a lot of fun. Oh Theodore, this is Gerainium. She's a russian container ship, I was sent to bring her here. Gerainium, this is my good friend Theodore.

Theodore: Hello Gerainium. Welcome to the Big Harbour.

Gerainium: Hello Theodore. Thank you, this is my first time coming here.

Theodore: You will like it, Gerainium. Because this is the friendliest Harbour.

Emily: He's right. This is the friendly place ever.

(Theodore smiled when Emily came home)

(when its getting late, Theodore and Emily bring Gerainium to her dock, talk for few hours and set home together)

Theodore: I'm so glad you came home, Emily.

Emily: I'm glad too. Why you think I'm not coming home and decided stay at Russian forever?

Theodore: Because I will lose you as my dear friend and won't be together forever. Because I love you, and I need you that's why I feel so sad when you left.

Emily: Oh Theodore. Remember I will always be your friend and stay with you forever. I would never lose a friend like you. I would never leave this place to live another place this is my home; I had all my friends and you, Theodore.

Theodore (softly): Emily.

Emily: Theodore I --

(Theodore came kiss Emily on the lips)

Theodore: Emily, you and I will stay together for the rest of our lives. You're special to me Emily, and a wonderful friend.

Emily (tears fall her eyes): Oh this a nicest thing you say, Theodore. You're my special friend too and I love you.

(Emily came close and kiss Theodore on the lips)

Theodore: Let's go home.

Emily: But first we had something to do first. (she grin at Theodore more) Are you ready?

Theodore: Ready whatever you want.

(they both kiss on their lips, they kiss more and more and stop)

Emily: Let's go to the Sandy Beach.

Theodore: Okay.

(when they got here they begin to kiss more, their tongues connect their lips inside their mouths, and breathing harder)

Theodore (pants): Oh Emily. Oh Em. Emily. Emily. My love. Ah.

Emily: Oh Theodore, Theodore my love. I love you forever and ever, no matter what.(panting)

(they continue kissing more)

(at night, Emily sleep in her dock than Theodore came by)

Theodore (whispers): Emily.

Emily: Oh Theodore.

Theodore: Emily, can I sleep with you.

Emily (smiled): Yes Theodore, you can.

(Theodore went close to Emily and snug her)

Theodore: Emily, thank you. I'm glad you're home safe. I love you.

Emily: And I love you Theodore. I'm glad to be home too. Good night Theodore.

(Theodore fall asleep and Emily close her eyes went to sleep, they had a wonderful sweet dreams together)

the end