• Type: Dory

Dorothy is a dory who lives in Ceilidh's Cove with Truro.


She looks to both Truro and Theodore as older siblings. Dorothy is always loud and bursting with questions for Theodore and all the other tugboats. Dorothy also got to have a "Girls Night Out" with Emily, Sigrid, and Carla. She is also a very friendly young, enthusiastic dory who lives at Celeidh's Cove with Truro. Dorothy is often seen rushing around the cove, very keen to give a "helping hook" to all the boats who pay a visit for stories. However, her haste and speed can often cause mishaps, and Dorothy is well known for dropping things into the water of the cove by accident. But Dorothy means well, and under the watchful eye of kind 'boss' Truro, she is learning to be a really useful dory and become a real credit to Celeidh's Cove.