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  • Type: Cable Ship

Digby is an old cable ship who is always getting stuck somewhere out on the job.


It's always a surprise to him and the tugs when someone gets stuck other than himself. He has a mild East Coast accent and uses catchphrases such as "Oh flibberty jibberty!" and "Oh my starfish and little oysters" (like Owan). His best friend is Theodore, who seems to always have to rescue Digby whenever he gets stuck. He loves to say whatever is on his mind and especially enjoys talking about cables. The tugs once thought of Digby as old and useless when the big and strong Dartmouth came to the harbour. But even though Digby is always getting stuck somewhere, he always shows that he is still a useful cable ship in the end. He is a kind, tough cable ship used for smaller jobs that his cables are best suited for and makes short work of any task he is given.


  • George's Ghost He was mistook for a ghost by George and Theodore.
  • Theodore to the Rescue He got stuck in a sandspit in a cove outside the Harbour in which he broke his propeller and Theodore had to come rescue him.
  • Digby's Disaster
  • Emily's New Hat Got into an accident with Emily and Cumberland and got stuck on the Sandy Beach.
  • Dartmouth Says Good-bye He said good-bye to Dartmouth with Theodore and got tangled in cables again.
  • Guysborough Makes a Friend He met Guysborough the Grumpy Garbage Barge after getting him and Theodore unstuck.


  • Digby's model was repainted from Kamel
  • Digby is named after Digby, Nova Scotia, a seaside community on the northwest shore of Nova Scotia, famous for its scallop fishing.