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  • Type: Cargo Ship

Cabot is a rather scruffy and rough ship with no self control, who did not care about safety until Theodore helped him. He often does the opposite of what everyone tells him. Like most visiting ships to the Big Harbor, Cabot proved no exception to the rule of being rude and rather above his dock! However, like all of his kind, he got his just deserts when he dropped his cargo overboard which Theodore had to rescue, & ended up getting stuck on the Sandy Beach! 

Cabot's cargo[]

Due to Cabot just "throwing" cargo on his deck, the cargo eventually fell off his deck on a sharp curve and had Theodore feel bad until the cargo had spoken to him. Various pieces included a cylinder-like container, a crate, an open shipping container, and a red pipe. They come in all shapes, sizes and types, and love to cause grief and despair for whichever tugboat has to take them out. 


  • Cabot's model was sold on ebay.
  • The way Cabot left was similar to the way The Diesel left in Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends.
  • Cabot is named after the Cabot Trail, a highway that takes sight-seeres through the scenic mountainous regions of northern Cape Breton Island. in the fanon wikia cabot's name was spelled cabotic and his hull is red he has a green cap on and his head is yellow and he looked like a tugboat