• Type: Suspension Bridge
  • Built: 1955

Benjamin Bridge is a green suspension bridge at the end of the harbour who loves to watch everything that goes on. His design is based on the Angus L. Macdonald Bridge, the first of two bridges built to connect Halifax and Dartmouth. He also enjoys telling jokes, riddles and rumours, which can cause a lot of confusion. Besides spreading rumours, Benjamin has a bad habit of snoring very loudly. Even though he can't move, Benjamin has many exciting moments, like oil rigs nearly crashing into him and ocean liners getting stuck under him. He's very good friends with the tugboats and loves to socialize. But sometimes he is grumpy and in one episode, he was a bully. Once He snored and Rebecca could not sleep.


  • In the books Michelle Mulder written Benjamin Bridge is played as his real life counter part MacDonald Bridge.


  • Brio (retired)
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