A Big Harbour Christmas is the 4th Episode of my Theodore Tugboat Made-up Series

Plot: It was getting close to Christmas and Theodore tried to help Hank with some math but Hank keeps getting it wrong. And Theodore is furious until the Dispatcher turned for the work meeting. he wearing a santa clause hat. Hank thought he Was santa But The Dispatcher just frowned.




The Dispatcher


This is the First short episode

There really was not any christmas in the episode

How can hank keep getting math wrong?


Narrator: It was Christmas Time in The Big Harbour. All the tugs were working hard getting ready for the holidays. Snow had begun to fall it was begun to look like Christmas already. Theodore was trying to teach Hank a math problem about beans.

Theodore: Now Hank this is called adding. If I had 2 beans then I add 2 more what do I have?

Hank: Some beans.

Theodore Yes........ and no lets try again I have 2 beans and I add more what does that make?

Hank: A very small chili.

Theodore: Hank a 2 year old could figure this out. Now try again 1 2 3 4 So how many are there?

Hank: 3

Theodore: WHAT?

Hank: And that one.

Theodore: 3 and that one. So if I had that one to 3 what will I have?

Hank: Oh some beans.

Theodore: THAT'S IT I QUIT!

Narrator: Just then The Dispatcher turned for the work meeting. he was wearing a santa hat.

The Dispatcher: HO HO HO!

Hank: SANTA!

The Dispatcher: I'm not really Santa Hank.

Hank: Oh Man!